About Us

Partnering with a world-known Turkish fashion house, FINCH LA was established in 2020. Streetwear is the creation of people on the streets. It does not belong to the privileged but is later owned by them. Therefore, we give a voice to the community on our designs and mirror what we see with inspiration from the world itself. FINCH LA's eagerness to learn reserves the ability to predict future trends.  It leads us to become an emerging awoke streetwear brand.

What does FINCH stand for?

The underlying meaning of our Brand name “Finch” is related to symbolism of Finch Bird. It symbolizes diversity, optimism , aspirations. The various colors of finch reflects beauty of unity in diversity. The energetic vibe of Finch reminds us to grind to achieve our goals. As our brand emphasizes how we are stronger together and not afraid to fly higher to achieve better.

What do we offer?

Design & Quality: Our products are designed in Los Angeles and manufactured in Turkey. While our Los Angeles team follows the fashion trends in the USA, our team in Turkey provides the finest quality for our community

Experience and professionalism: We have been in the industry for 27 years and have worked with thousands of businesses. We produce 200.000 - 300.000 items per year, our products are sold internationally.